Easter Home Decorations with Embroidered Badges

Just upon hearing the word “Easter”, the canvas of our mind paints the picture of cute and colourful Easter eggs, scrumptious meals, music, flowers, candle light and the ringing of church bells. Easter is the most awaited festival for Christians all over the world. Recognised as the greatest feast of the church year, Easter is a festival that commemorates the rising of Jesus Christ. However, the roots of its celebrations can be traced back to pagan times. The name Easter is believed to have been originated from Eostara- the goddess of rebirth hence the celebration was for Earth’s rebirth and resurrection with Easter eggs and Easter bunnies as symbols of fertility. Nonetheless this blend of religious ceremonies and general celebrations entails new spring clothes, decoration and hunting of Easter eggs and Easter baskets full of candy, presents and snacks!

If Easter is a festival full of colours, joy, celebrations and life then your home should exude the same vibes of exuberance, excitability and energy around this time. Dull and lifeless homes during Easter fail to depict and impart the real inner joy a person feels during the greatest feast. Worried about how to make your home portray the true jubilation of Easter- this too on a budget? You do not have to be. All you require is a creative mind and basic sewing capability.
Embroidered patches are a great start to decorate your dining table. They can have pictorial representations of the symbols of Easter like Easter eggs, bunnies and chicks. Coming in various designs and variety, these cute little patches will definitely enhance the beauty of your dinner table. No need to go lavish. A beautiful, bright yellow color of a chicken patch for example would look great on a clean, immaculate and simple white cloth while conveying a mingling of simplicity, class and beauty. To show presentability to your guests, you can roll the white cloth and sew a vivid and embroidered Easter egg patch over it. Sewing or ironing an additional feather with the patch would further add to its beauty.
You can also tie a ribbon around the cloth before sewing the patch on it for intensifying its bright display. Just make sure to add patches with the most dazzling colours for example Orange, Yellow and darker shades of all the other colours and you are good to go!
These incredibly beautiful, custom and hand made embroidered patches are sure to appeal your guests with their elegance, restoring your aesthetics while being inexpensive and economical. So gear up to reveal your aesthetical side by using these patches on your simple wooden baskets and plain dinner clothes to elevate their fineness and artistry.

Celebrating the Irish Holiday with Great St. Patrick’s Day Patches

In Ireland, as well as big Irish communities, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. For hundreds of years, the same nation uses this time to celebrate its heritage and that recognizable Irish spirit. Today, it has become a wide-spread event that is celebrated not just in Ireland, but across the world. This fun and exciting holiday is also sparking great interest in Poland in the previous years. On the same day, everyone who likes Ireland and its culture all take to the streets. Here, they can enjoy parades, but also concerts and showcases of the famous Irish dances. Pubs and restaurants also offer their take on this Irish holiday and serve distinctive dish and drinks, all with the topic of Ireland.

The Symbols of Ireland

One of the most recognizable elements of the St. Patrick’s Day is the green color, which is the symbol of Ireland. This is why people dress in it, but many also add distinctive elements to their clothing. These include the shamrock or the three-leaf clover, the Irish flag and the lucky horseshoe. Additional symbols include the pot of gold that the folk tale says was hidden by a Leprechaun, the rainbow where he supposedly hid it and his famous hat. All of these symbols can now be found as St. Patrick’s Day patches and used to mark this wonderful occasion.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day

This year around, the same holiday is on Sunday, March 17, so everyone who wants to join in can do it easily. On that day, they will be able to visit concerts, dances, workshops, and other cultural events. Of course, there is no need to buy a lot of green clothes. Instead, any outfit will do, especially if it is casual, loose and decorated with that recognizable Irish twist. This can be simply attained with the use of just one shamrock embroidered patch or some other Irish symbol. Even the youngest visitors of this holiday can feel some of its mood with their own St Patrick’s Day patches.

A Day not to be Missed

If you love the Irish culture and want to celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, mark the date, gets a shamrock embroidered patch or two and prepare to have a wonderful time.

Cute Gift for You – 8th of March

They always say that no present is any better than one made by yourself. The Woman’s Day is at the door, and we can’t wait for bunches of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and romantic cards from our partners. In this day, the entire world celebrates women with selected gifts, but why don’t we celebrate ourselves with a simple self-made gift that will make us feel special?

>>> Check ideas of Women’s day embroidered patches. <<<

Is your bag affected by wear and tear? Does it have cuts, and discoloured areas? Well, don’t be in a rush to throw it away. You can make fantastic things with it. You can recover your handbag, and breath a new life in it with a mere amount of creativity, basic sewing skills, and some embroidered patches that will work wonders with the bag.

All you need is a few patches, needle, and thread. Also, you can make it through with a craft glue. You can sew manually, or choose a sewing machine for finishing the work faster. If you can’t use a sewing machine, you can ask a professional tailor to stick the embroidered badges to the bag’s fabric.

Now, it is high time to turn your old, and tasteless bag into a stylish fashion accessory. There is a wide variety of patches you can choose from to decorate your bag. You can apply some girlish stuff, like: lipstick, red lips, and hearts that will make your bag more elegant, and eye-catching. A colourful butterfly in the corner of the bag will steal the attention of everybody, with its uniqueness and beauty. Such gorgeous butterflies can be applied all over a black bag to trigger an impressive contrast of colours. Also, flowers will make your bag look incredibly beautiful, and vivid.

Even if you do not have a spoilt bag that would need recovery, you can still prepare a wonderful Woman’s Day gift for you, by decorating a new bag. Take your favourite one, and make it even more attractive, by adding some stylish embroidered patches.

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