In Ireland, as well as big Irish communities, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. For hundreds of years, the same nation uses this time to celebrate its heritage and that recognizable Irish spirit. Today, it has become a wide-spread event that is celebrated not just in Ireland, but across the world. This fun and exciting holiday is also sparking great interest in Poland in the previous years. On the same day, everyone who likes Ireland and its culture all take to the streets. Here, they can enjoy parades, but also concerts and showcases of the famous Irish dances. Pubs and restaurants also offer their take on this Irish holiday and serve distinctive dish and drinks, all with the topic of Ireland.

The Symbols of Ireland

One of the most recognizable elements of the St. Patrick’s Day is the green color, which is the symbol of Ireland. This is why people dress in it, but many also add distinctive elements to their clothing. These include the shamrock or the three-leaf clover, the Irish flag and the lucky horseshoe. Additional symbols include the pot of gold that the folk tale says was hidden by a Leprechaun, the rainbow where he supposedly hid it and his famous hat. All of these symbols can now be found as St. Patrick’s Day patches and used to mark this wonderful occasion.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day

This year around, the same holiday is on Sunday, March 17, so everyone who wants to join in can do it easily. On that day, they will be able to visit concerts, dances, workshops, and other cultural events. Of course, there is no need to buy a lot of green clothes. Instead, any outfit will do, especially if it is casual, loose and decorated with that recognizable Irish twist. This can be simply attained with the use of just one shamrock embroidered patch or some other Irish symbol. Even the youngest visitors of this holiday can feel some of its mood with their own St Patrick’s Day patches.

A Day not to be Missed

If you love the Irish culture and want to celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, mark the date, gets a shamrock embroidered patch or two and prepare to have a wonderful time.