Winter collection from Melita Berg

Melita Berg is a designer, illustrator, and letterer who has been featured in Digital Arts and is additionally endorsed by POSCA. Under the mentorship of the superb Luke Tonge, Melita has amassed an impressive portfolio, with some of her most fascinating works being intricate hand-drawn lettering and illustrations, calligraphy for Paco Rabanne, photography and pattern contributor to the VISCOM BCU brochure, illustrations and typography for Maku Mura, logo for Mac Birmingham Markets, and branding for Indalo Accommodation. Melita Berg is also what you may refer to as an international creative nomad, having worked across Spain, England, Latvia and many more. An added bonus is her certification by Adobe Illustrator.

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Melita Berg at Digital Arts

Melita has also taken up decoration of her winter hats using quality embroidered patches, which are easily available from Custom made embroidered patches make for wonderful gifts to give to your loved ones on any given holiday. Aside from being more attractive than mere cards and ribbons, they are also unique, and whoever you choose to gift them to will definitely appreciate the extra effort spent to make these special embroidered patches. The patches are round in shape, with a black background and borders, and a logo which is intricately embroidered with white thread.

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The superiority of these patches is unmatched since they are of premium quality. Apart from being aesthetic, they are also extremely versatile. These custom made embroidered patches are also guaranteed to make your outfit stand out due to their distinctiveness.

If you want to buy yourself or a loved one a simple but meaningful gift, custom made embroidered patches and embroidered badges are easily among the most unique gift ideas. You can order high-quality custom embroidered patches from Patchion at the most affordable prices. If you enjoy giving memorable and one of a kind gifts, these custom made embroidered patches are definitely very special holiday gift ideas.

Patch Up Your Valentines Day – DIY

14th of February. St. Valentines Day Morning Coffee with your beloved? Simple gift – love card, red Rose and your favourite Coffee. Can you imagine more romantic moment of a Day?
Are you planning a dinner in the evening? Would you like to put something special on for this opportunity? We recommend cute gloves and scarf with lovely patches as accessories for your evening outfit.

Make your Valentines day gifts memorable with special embroidered patches. Custom made embroidered patches are not only more attractive than cards and ribbons, they are also more unique. When people see a colourful or intricately embroidered patch on their gifts, they see something special and they will appreciate the extra effort spent to make them.

However, the best thing about embroidered patches is not their aesthetics, but their versatility. Customizing a special embroidered patches is both affordable and easy, but the results speak for themselves.

For example, you can customize a set of socks or gloves by attaching customized patches on their sides. Likewise, if you plan to give a scarf or a small pouch, you can decorate their surfaces with special patches that feature inside joke or loving poems.

Valentines day is a special day, and you can make it even more special by giving your special someone a gift that features a subtle and attractive embroidered patch.

St. Valentines Day Cards, Gifts and Gadgets  – DIY.

Patch Fridge Magnet – Yellow Note I love you:

You will need:
  • one patch
  • glue for crafts or double-sided tape
  • the old fridge magnet (thin so easy to cut – I used the old fridge magnet that I did not like at all and I got it as extra for my shopping)
  • scissors
Cut the magnet to shape of patch. Glue the patch and adhere to magnet and it is done. Easy and fast way for a lovely V-Day gift.

St. Valentine Day Card:

You will need:
  • a piece of paper (white or in your favourite colour
  • glue for crafts or double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • one patch (or more if needed)
  • optional: ribbon
Cut the card from paper (any size and shape you want), glue the patch and adhere to paper. Write a simple note inside: Happy St. Valentine’s Day I love you – and it is ready, you can send it!
Happy St. Valentine’s Day.
Bonus ideas for those who are skilled with hand embroidery – check here.
Handicraft specialist should look here for Valentines inspiration.

Getting New Life out of Old Toiletry Bags

If your favourite toiletry bag gets worn or stained, then you might be tempted to just throw it away and buy a new one. Before you do that you may want to consider a cheaper alternative – one that can also give your old bag a fashionable new look.

Embroidered patches placed over tears, stains, and holes in toiletry bags will cover up any defects while also improving the look of the bag. Your favourite bag could look like a brand new bag at a much cheaper cost than replacing it. You can get embroidered patches in a variety of attractive styles, including patches to support your favourite music band or to convey a funny or thought-provoking message.

Embroidered patches can generally be easily sewn or ironed-on to toiletry bags. You can also use them for a variety of other items, such as backpacks, hats, handbags, and clothes. You will always find a use for any extra patches you buy.

Don’t throw out your old toiletry bags. Upgrade them with easy to apply embroidered patches instead. You can save yourself money while also adding some extra style into your life.

Check Etsy for hundreds of lipstick embroidered patches.