3 Christmas Cards Embroidered Ideas

Embroidered Reindeer stick to card.
Embroidered Reindeer stick to card.

What a perfect idea for customized Christmas cards. Simple steps:

– Get a piece of decorative cardboard, fold it.
– Find Christmas theme related embroidered patch.
– Stick the patch to folded cardboard

The card is ready! Looks amazing. It is unique and not expensive.

Do not forget to write wishes inside 🙂

Embroidery as decoration at Ski/Snowboard helmet

Have you ever tried to customize your ski or snowboard helmet with embroidered patches? Today, there are millions of ideas at the market. Therefore, I just decide to stick a few flags to it.
This red UVEX helmet is decorated with two rectangle embroidered patches. The larger one is a flag of Germany and the smaller one: the flag of Poland.

Everyday bag PATCHED

Improve the look of your everyday bag. It is very easy. Add a few colorful patches. In this way, the better image to be around you. You do not need a lot of effort, and you create positive emotions among people who surround you. Probably the embroidered patches attached to the bag will become the subject of many interesting conversations.

Thanks to Dominika Costro for sharing such a great pictures.