If, like me, you like Halloween, but not necessarily fancy costumes. I encourage you to read the text below. I am going to present some exciting ideas on how to easily and quickly prepare accessories for clothing or hair in the HALLOWEEN style!

Add a pinch of Halloween to your clothes or hairstyle, thanks to hand-made gadgets with patches.

Dress up your husband. Impossible?

Something for him – just a black shirt and a few patches – I chose embroidery: the vampire’s lips and cobwebs – perfectly match the atmosphere of Halloween. The outfit is noticeable but not flashy. I think that every man can be persuaded to such a “disguise”.

Women on Halloween.

Something for her – I suggest hair accessories (hairpins, headbands). Below are some versions that seemed interesting to me. If you want to match a partner, use an embroidered spiderweb band – a common disguise element for couples is welcome. But it can be literally any other pattern that you like, e.g., pumpkin patch or skull.

Wait, are your kids ready?

On the other hand, children, unlike us, love to dress up and dress up – and well, for them, I prepared a pumpkin blouse and a bag for sweets – so “trick or treat.” To create such a set, I used my old black S-size T-shirt (not used for a long time), I cut it roughly in half. I cut it down into thin stripes – that’s just an extra piece of clothing. As a stripe decoration, I chose a pumpkin face (orange eyes, nose, and mouth) with a thermo-press. The iron is hot; the application is made – now all you have to do is iron and voilĂ  – your outfit is ready. T-shirt slightly larger and ideal for putting on a jacket – because on October 31 it is too cold for short sleeves 🙂 But also perfect for a ball in kindergarten – loose and comfortable!

A bag for collecting sweets is necessary – very necessary. Here I used an orange bag with strings (once received as free). Just turn it inside out, and it’s all orange, without prints, and a few patches: Cheerful pumpkin, BOO, Haunted house, Scary pumpkin, and BOO balloon – and a scary cool bag ready!

How to remove patch?

If you want to remove patches after Halloween, I recommend sticking tape or sewing. However, if you’re going to keep the gadgets for the next years, then you can safely use thermo-ironing or adhesive for patches. For temporary use, you can also use old pins (pins or badges). Just glue them to the patch (hot glue or glue for patches). The provided solution completely cover the old gadget. Just unpin them after the party. Buttons perfectly match jackets, jackets, or wool hats – wherever other fastening methods can be challenging to use.

Ok, how to get them?

The small Halloween pumpkin patch is available from my online store, here at patchlike.com. For more cool scary patches visit Patchion.com. They have a specific category for Halloween patches. You might be also interested in skull related products category. Skeletons are also suitable for Halloween decorations. As always, make sure to visit Etsy Halloween offer. For my US-based viewers, I suggest checking this set of badges.