Clothing problem? Did the washing machine rip your clothes off? Playground accident? A permanent stain?

Bad luck! It always happens to me with a new washing machine. It will draw in, pierce and crease my clothes. This time it fell on my son’s newly purchased T-shirt. First wash and bach – I hang up the shirt and see a massive chafing at the bottom of the blouse, in the back.

Desperate son, because he liked the T-shirt very much, and he chose it himself. So, there was nothing else for me – it must be saved.

We sat down together and chose a patch pattern that would best cover the entire hole but also the junior would like. He decided to use emblem with the shark’s jaws. The jaws perfectly combined both our needs.

In the evening, I mulched a hole and sewn a patch, and in the morning my son could wear his renewed patch shirt to kindergarten.

Repaired t-shirt – the final effect is presented on my beloved model. A child was happy and proud of the new blouse. And for me, it saves time and money, because at a low cost (less than one pound) and effort I avoided another trip to the store.

A hole in a child’s pants or blouse (and in preschool is almost every day) is no longer a problem. In haberdashery, chain stores and online stores, you will find a lot of patch designs. You can also make patches yourself with old clothes. Play the designer, and of course, you can even invite your children.

Here are some ideas on how other smart parents coped with the most common problems in clothing – a hole on the knees of their trousers:

Don’t like a sewing machine? Iron on!

This topic fits perfectly into the recently popular ZERO WASTE trend – we do not waste money on new clothes if we can refresh or repair the old ones. For this, we can limit the already huge amounts of garbage produced – soon there will be another entry on such topics!

Didn’t you find a patch with a pattern that interests you? Check out embroidered patches with your artwork to order.