Getting New Life out of Old Toiletry Bags

If your favourite toiletry bag gets worn or stained, then you might be tempted to just throw it away and buy a new one. Before you do that you may want to consider a cheaper alternative – one that can also give your old bag a fashionable new look. Embroidered patches placed over tears, stains, […]

Wheeled Suitcase PATCHED

Want to be original and shiny at an airport during winter? Patch your suitcase. Be unique, be one of a kind waiting for the next plane. Stick embroidered patches to your bag and walk through¬†the crowded train station or city centre.¬†Stand out from other people. Products featured: “Don’t Follow Me, I’m lost too” rectangle badge […]

Embroidery as decoration at Ski/Snowboard helmet

Have you ever tried to customize your ski or snowboard helmet with embroidered patches? Today, there are millions of ideas at the market. Therefore, I just decide to stick a few flags to it. This red UVEX helmet is decorated with two rectangle embroidered patches. The larger one is a flag of Germany and the […]