Wheeled Suitcase PATCHED

Want to be original and shiny at an airport during winter? Patch your suitcase. Be unique, be one of a kind waiting for the next plane. Stick embroidered patches to your bag and walk through the crowded train station or city centre. Stand out from other people.

Products featured:

  • “Don’t Follow Me, I’m lost too” rectangle badge
  • smiley face emblem
  • Shark patch
  • Spanish Flag
  • Route 66 shield
  • Flag of USA
  • Flag of Brazil
  • Diver Down Flag
  • David Jones, model: cabin luggage (case)

Make your travels exciting.

How to apply an embroidered patch to hard-cover of the suitcase?

It is not difficult. You will need to ask your patch supplier for self-adhesive badges. You will then get patches with particular type double-sided tape stitched at the back. Just stick them, and it is done.

If your suitcase is made with fabric, you can quickly sew patches on – this is the best way. If your suitcase is just like mine, made with a rigid material, it is also not difficult to stick it.

If you want such patches, connect with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patchlike . Drop me a message then.

Travel all over the world? Visiting exciting places? No more place for new souvenirs? It is the highest time to start your new collection – suitcase patches collection.

Try one patch, and you will not stop, because there is much space to use. You can affix your patches before travel or after, maybe a few times or just once a year – it depends on you. Freeze your memories in patches – flags, signs and many many more designs available from stock or made special for you! Moreover, remember – patches are reusable. Move them from one suitcase to another or even to clothes.


Decorate Home with Merry Christmas Garland

Is your home ready for Christmas? Don’t forget to decorate is with “Merry Christmas” embroidered Garland. The item pictured is set of 18 embroidered patches with holes and white ribbon. The ribbon goes through the holes.

Size of each Pennant: 2.8 inches x 3.4 inches. (7.0 cm x 8.6 cm)

Not a big deal, right? Not an expensive item. Christmas Garland will make your home warmer for Christmas.

Attach Christmas Tree or Candy Cane emblems to December outfit.

Is it getting colder outside? Depends where you live. Here, in central Europe the weather is not spoiling us. But there is always some ideas to make that time of waiting for Christmas warmer. Just take any of your clothing and stick colourful emblem to it.

Thanks to Bella Pummarola for sharing such a great ideas and photos.

3 Christmas Cards Embroidered Ideas

Embroidered Reindeer stick to card.
Embroidered Reindeer stick to card.

What a perfect idea for customized Christmas cards. Simple steps:

– Get a piece of decorative cardboard, fold it.
– Find Christmas theme related embroidered patch.
– Stick the patch to folded cardboard

The card is ready! Looks amazing. It is unique and not expensive.

Do not forget to write wishes inside 🙂

Everyday bag PATCHED

Improve the look of your everyday bag. It is very easy. Add a few colorful patches. In this way, the better image to be around you. You do not need a lot of effort, and you create positive emotions among people who surround you. Probably the embroidered patches attached to the bag will become the subject of many interesting conversations.

Thanks to Dominika Costro for sharing such a great pictures.

Denim Jacket Patching Ideas

Have you ever thought about adding colors to your everyday denim jacket? There is nothing difficult. Several colorful patches will positively affect the look of your jacket and will emphasize your charater. Create a friendly atmosphere by sewing or sticking embroidered patches to the clothing. During the fall of 2018, colorful accessories will be very important. Do not let it crush the November crack.