Fashion and war are terms that occur together since wars between countries or continents rarely happen. Over the years, Europe has been a relatively calm continent since World War II. However, when Russia invaded and attacked Ukraine, the whole world, especially the West, supported Ukraine in weapons and food aid to counter the invasion. In the course, there has been an emergence of new fashion, which is slowly changing the way people dress, especially in Europe. The Ukraine invasion has inspired people to wear military insignia to show solidarity and resistance against Russian aggression.


The change in fashion that has been brought by Russia and Ukraine war is the adoption of flag colours and symbols. Across Europe, people have begun printing their wears with Ukrainian colours. The blue colour has been adopted to show the democratic rights of Ukraine to run its internal affairs. Fashion enthusiasts have adopted the yellow colour to indicate freedom of expression of Ukraine of speech, association, and protests. Notably, the blue and yellow colours are ended together to show solidarity with Ukraine. Besides, blue and yellow colours blend easily and match numerous colours and clothes. 

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The flag of Ukraine is printed in prominent areas that can be seen and appreciated by fashion enthusiasts. The flag is embedded in various pieces of fashion. For instance, clothing companies are embroidering Ukrainian flags on the upper part of pockets in jackets. Additionally, the blue and yellow are printed on the shoulders of sweaters. Also, fashion lovers have adopted military boots, which are embroidering the flag of Ukraine on the upper parts of boots. Most people donning wears with Ukrainian colours wear them as a sign of courage, love, and brevity. 

Some people stick embroidered adhesive patches on their laptops. In this way, they show their unity with those affected. Using such a laptop in an office or other shared space makes it easy to express your solidarity with Ukraine. Patches with the letters FCK PTN, which have yellow and blue stripes, have become very popular on laptop cases.

The integration of the flag of Ukraine in halls of fashion and mass production has encompassed customization to suit different preferences. One of the customizations of the Ukrainian flag is adding the flag of another country. In essence, a person may choose to use both Ukraine and UK flags to indicate the solidarity of Britain’s people with Ukraine. Two flags simultaneously foster unity between European countries and condemn Russia’s invasion. 

Over time, there is a possibility that Ukrainian women may adopt short skirts because of the war. Short skirts and dresses are stylish, comfortable, and flexible while fleeing and participating in the war. The skirt can be enhanced with Ukrainian flag colours. Also, the unavailability of materials due to limited imports and supply may force fashion companies to produce short skirts to save on materials and the cost of production. Equally important, Ukrainian colours are likely to make accessories such as watches with blue and yellow colours. Last but not least, the war will propel the Ukrainian flag to international status and will be part of major global fashion events.