They always say that no present is any better than one made by yourself. The Woman’s Day is at the door, and we can’t wait for bunches of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and romantic cards from our partners. In this day, the entire world celebrates women with selected gifts, but why don’t we celebrate ourselves with a simple self-made gift that will make us feel special?

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Is your bag affected by wear and tear? Does it have cuts, and discoloured areas? Well, don’t be in a rush to throw it away. You can make fantastic things with it. You can recover your handbag, and breath a new life in it with a mere amount of creativity, basic sewing skills, and some embroidered patches that will work wonders with the bag.

All you need is a few patches, needle, and thread. Also, you can make it through with a craft glue. You can sew manually, or choose a sewing machine for finishing the work faster. If you can’t use a sewing machine, you can ask a professional tailor to stick the embroidered badges to the bag’s fabric.

Now, it is high time to turn your old, and tasteless bag into a stylish fashion accessory. There is a wide variety of patches you can choose from to decorate your bag. You can apply some girlish stuff, like: lipstick, red lips, and hearts that will make your bag more elegant, and eye-catching. A colourful butterfly in the corner of the bag will steal the attention of everybody, with its uniqueness and beauty. Such gorgeous butterflies can be applied all over a black bag to trigger an impressive contrast of colours. Also, flowers will make your bag look incredibly beautiful, and vivid.

Even if you do not have a spoilt bag that would need recovery, you can still prepare a wonderful Woman’s Day gift for you, by decorating a new bag. Take your favourite one, and make it even more attractive, by adding some stylish embroidered patches.

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